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Write Great Case Studies and White Papers with Diligent Research of Your Topic

A Case Study for Eriez Magnetics

The actual writing of your case study or white paper sometimes falls into place only after you have diligently researched your topic. You need to assume the role of a fact-finding journalist or a trial lawyer preparing for a big case. The more facts, figures, information and details you can uncover will help you in creating the right content for your assignment.

Upfront research can be time-consuming, but it’s necessary to produce a quality piece fit for publication or internal distribution. Any case study or white paper takes time and a certain flair for finding the right resources to unlock those hidden gems of information. Treat this like a treasure hunt and you will be surprised how much content you can unearth for your writing project.

There are multiple sources to use, starting with internet search terms and keywords that will lead you to published work, which you can use as background material. Wikipedia is a great source to learn more about a particular subject matter, particularly if you need to get up to speed on an unfamiliar topic quickly. You will find links to other articles or documents that will help accelerate your learning curve.

Of course, one of the best sources is a subject matter expert (SME) who lives and breathes the exact subject you are writing about. Call upon anyone in your company who fits the SME role and schedule a time to “interview” them about your topic. Chances are, they are more than accommodating to discuss their favorite subject with you.

Next, talk to someone at the customer level who has experience using your company’s product or service. This holds true if you are writing a white paper or case study, because someone on the outside can provide a different perspective. Plus, you can use their quotes as a third-party endorsement.

Also, look for consultants who have an affiliation with your industry. This group includes engineering firms, manufacturers’ reps, independent consultants, marketing research firms, product designers, etc. They can provide more insight and will give you permission to use their name in your case study or white paper.

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