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Why invest in an environmental marketing strategy?

How much time and effort should be dedicated to developing an environmental strategy for your company? I would say just as much effort as in product, price, promotion, and distribution strategy. Here’s why:

Whether you are in product or service marketing, your customers are defining the way your company is positioned in the marketplace. It’s no longer a competitive advantage to focus strictly on price, service, quality, speed of delivery or other factors.

Customers also want to see you as an environmental leader, a company that is sending a message that you have a concern for our limited natural resources and is taking positive steps to make a small difference.
How do you get started by developing and executing an environmental marketing strategy? Clients we have developed marketing materials for start with clear-cut reasons for this strategy, then expand. For example:

  • Meeting the triple bottom line: environmental, social, financial
  • Opportunity to set yourself apart as an environmental leader within your industry
  • Immediate and positive on employees, customers, stakeholders
  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility in multiple ways
  • Greater customer loyalty = increased revenue
  • Provides outstanding opportunities for significant public relations exposure
  • Constant interaction with public, customers, employees, media and community
  • Continual promotion of reduce, reuse, recycle.

The above criteria then become a basis for your environmental mission statement, which I will discuss in a future post.

Jim DiFrangia,
Copy Contact Account Executive/Green Initiatives

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