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Why Building Relationships with Editors is So Critical

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Getting content (e.g. press releases, feature articles, case studies, etc.) placed in the media is highly dependent upon developing relationships with editors. If you can become a trusted source for quality content, editors will actually seek you out for editorial. Over the past two decades Stevens Strategic Communications (SSC) has been fortunate to develop key editorial contacts all over the globe. Below are some of our best practices we use to get your content published.

Any relationship with an editor begins with a pitch. PR professionals spend hours crafting the perfect pitch to a news outlet that creatively highlights the intended message. From an editor’s point of view, it is the potential impact of the pitch that will get a message covered, not how much effort was put into perfecting the pitch.

Certain PR practitioners may have different philosophies about maintaining relationships with editors. Some don’t try to build relationships at all and resort to blindly calling a news outlet to pitch a story or gather information. It may be necessary to use this method at times; however SSC believes creating a strong relationship generally helps in getting your work noticed.

SSC never gives an editor false or useless material. Giving them unreliable information is a sure way of getting your pitch deleted or thrown in the trash. We always provide them with verified messages, and are available to answer any follow-up questions they may have. It is our job to be a dependable source, and an editor or reporter should be able to rely on us to get the correct information they need.

We don’t pitch all the timeWhen you are constantly focused on pitching your clients to anyone who will listen, you lose sight of the bigger picture. PR is all about relationships and savvy publicists know when to pitch a client and when to hold off and come up with a better angle, strategy or pitch so that their communication with editors is as efficient as possible.

The most important thing to remember is the relationship between an editor and PR practitioner is mutual. A significant amount of the information editors gather comes from PR professionals, so they need us just as much as we need them. All communication experts value relationships. Maintaining strong and functional relationships between PR practitioners and editors will help accomplish the ultimate goal of both professionals, which is to disseminate meaningful messages to key markets.

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