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What You Should Know About Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around for ages. Soap operas were originally created by Procter and Gamble in the 1930s to provide entertainment for customers, and in turn sell home-care goods. But it is only recently that the buzz around content marketing has begun to grow. In fact, according to data from Google Trends, the popularity of content marketing has grown over 560% since its tipping point in December of 2011. This is because with the rise of technology, from smart phones to DVRs, consumers and businesses alike are becoming less receptive to traditional advertising messages as well as seeking more substance. That means marketers are being forced to get creative and become more customer-centric. Instead of pushing their own agenda, marketers must now work to get the attention of their customers… enter content marketing.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of strategically creating and publishing content with the goal of engaging potential customers and driving sales through the nurturing of client relationships. It can take many forms, from blog and social media posts to YouTube videos to sponsored articles and email newsletters.

The important thing to remember, however, is that the primary purpose of content marketing is not to generate sales directly, but to inform or entertain potential customers and build a relationship between customers and your brand. Content marketing is designed to meet marketing objectives while delivering value to customers in the form of information or entertainment.

Integrated content marketing

Of course, a single piece of content is not enough to convert most audience members into becoming paying customers. That’s where the importance of integrated content marketing comes in. Integrated content marketing combines the use of multiple platforms with repurposed content. It helps your message reach a larger audience with more frequency and increases the opportunity to convert audience members into leads and leads into customers. An integrated content marketing campaign could include a blog post, a YouTube video, an email newsletter, a SlideDeck on LinkedIn, as well as numerous social media posts. Repurposing content for different platforms helps an integrated content marketing campaign can be seen by more people more times, which increases the opportunity for conversion.

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