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Vinyl LPs Pack More Punch than Digital Downloads

Vinyl Record

Digital downloads have certainly changed the way we listen to music, but not necessarily for the better.  While delivery and storage are simplified, tonal quality has been dramatically compromised. If you’ve ever listened to a vinyl LP on a high-quality turntable with an amplifier and set of speakers, you know what I’m talking about.  Vinyl can produce far deeper tones and a much more lush sound.  Sure you also get to hear a few scratches and hisses along the way as the albums and stylus wear, but it’s a great trade off.

In some circles vinyl is actually making a comeback. It’s never going to replace iTunes and your iPod dock, but that’s OK.  Check out sites like musicdirect.com where you pay up to $5,000 for a turntable or $35 for the classic Nirvana album “Nevermind .”  Or, head over to Amazon.com where you’ll find lots of deals on used LPs.

If you’re under 40, chances are you’ve never listened to an album played on a turntable.  Here’s a suggestion: Go on the internet and search for the Rolling Stone’s “Exile on Main Street” LP. Find somebody with a decent turntable, amplifier and set of Marantz quadrophonic speakers (this may take a while).  Set them up in your living room and crank up the volume.  You’ll feel like you’re at a live recording session.

Warning: You may never go back to digital music. It will sound thin as tin, over-processed and wimpy in comparison. But at least you can carry it in your back pocket. Hauling analog stereo equipment up steps was never any fun.

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