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Think Twice, Post Once: Are You Creating Good Content?

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The phrase “content is king” seems to be pretty popular these days.  When you consider how many hours people spend on their smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s understandable. But, there’s a bit of confusion in discerning what in fact is content.

Is a video of someone’s cat falling in the toilet content? How about a drunk person jumping out of the back of a pickup truck? Or, maybe content is a 50-page white paper on accounting principles. The point is that just because you post something does not qualify it as content. It’s sort of like art—throwing a few blotches of paint on a canvas doesn’t make it a painting.

So much of what I see posted on social media, websites and blogs is a superficial waste of time.  And I’m not just talking about personal sites; it happens on corporate sites as well. Take video. Too often the video is dull and uninteresting. The production value is non-existent.  Again, is this content?

You have to remember that every word, image, video, etc. that you display is a reflection of you and your organization.  A talking head set against a ficus plant telling you why you need to buy their product is not the answer.  As the lines between broadcast TV and web TV further meld, companies that think twice before posting content will win. It’s not that hard to post something that is truly interesting and helps further build your brand.

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