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The iPhone 5 is on its way!

iPhone 5

The next generation of the innovative Apple smart phone is sure to make waves throughout the industry upon its release. Expected this September or October, there is no doubt the device will be a holiday gift hit. Analysts are claiming upwards of 59 million units will be sold before the end of the year.

Early reports have indicated that the iPhone 5 is a complete redesign with a thinner body, larger retina display screen, new operating system and IOS 6. It’s said to be loaded with improved features and capabilities including a smaller dock connector, a quad-core processor (an improved version of the now existing A5 chip), 1 GB RAM, 4G download speed (LTE support), and possibly an 8MP camera.

Are these facts, fiction, rumors or speculation? Only time will tell. Regardless, with its arrival, Apple will keep its competitive edge in the smart phone market. The iPhone 5 will increase efficiency, productivity and all around enjoyment of the smart phone experience.

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