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Social Media: Engagement is KEY!

Holding Hands in Circle

Using social media is an optimal way to communicate with the world. Posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube can connect you with potential clients and customers. But, if you’re just posting a link, photo or video, you’re not using these platforms to their fullest potential.

The key is engagement. Sure, social media can get you an initial following just by making regular posts about industry related news and company announcements, but it won’t do all the work for you. There are several ways to start the conversation on your social pages, or to even become part of another discussion. Here are a few tips to think over the next time you visit your social media accounts and think, “How am I going to get more followers?”

Facebook: Facebook started out as a network for college students and has evolved into a perfect location to promote your business. So, once you create a post focused on something new about your company or share some information about your industry, try asking a question. “Do you think this will work for all PR agencies? Do you think there is a niche market for this product?”

Asking a question can get the conversation started and lead to a larger following. If you’re not comfortable with posing open-ended questions, test out Facebook’s poll option. This way, you can still ask your question, but also provide multiple choice answers. Using a poll makes it even easier for followers to participate in your conversations. Instead of coming up with the proper wording to express their opinions, they can simply click a choice and be done!

Twitter: Twitter is where many of us go for fast tips, quick updates and breaking news. However, Twitter doesn’t have to be the pit stop platform that it’s made out to be. TweetUps, Twitter chats and Q&As are a great way to start the conversation, keep it going and gain a larger following over time.

For example, web journalists meet on Twitter at 5 p.m. Wednesdays to take part in #wjchat, a way to talk about all things content, technology, ethics and business with a tie to journalism on the web. All you have to do is come up with an unused specific hashtag and start a Twitter chat of your own. Promote the chat to your followers across all social platforms and email anyone else who might be interested in being a part of the discussion. A great start is to promote the chat through LinkedIn and get your followers on there to meet you on Twitter.

LinkedIn: Speaking of LinkedIn, this is the perfect place to find potential clients and to have discussions with others in your industry. To start a conversation on LinkedIn, try creating a group focused on the industry in which you work and invite other professionals in the field to join you.

Once you create a group, you can post a topic of discussion. For example, post a piece of industry related news and pose a question. For example, if you find a good article on the future of public relations, post the link in your group and pose a question such as, “The Future of Public Relations and Social Media by Mashable: http://on.mash.to/Mz2PiY What are your predictions for PR in 2020?” This could lead to a larger following for you and a wealth of information for your group members.

YouTube: There are a great deal of channels on YouTube that only have video uploads and no interaction with subscribers or experience with commenting. Your subscribers DO want to see what videos you post, but they also want to hear from who’s behind them. Take a second to stop recording videos and check on the ones you’ve already posted.

If you receive a comment on your video, thank the user for watching it and taking the time to send you feedback on your piece. This is a great time to push for a little more conversation. Ask your commenters what they liked and what could’ve been better. If you’re not looking for a critique, start a discussion on the basis of your video. Ask questions, share tips, but most of all, engage!

Social media really is a great way to connect with the world. Start engaging and make the connection even stronger!

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