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Smells Like a Great Idea

The Creative Advertising Approach

It can be frustrating when a client is resistant to trying a new creative advertising approach. We’ve all been put in a box with no hopes of getting out. A great way to escape this plight is by showing successful examples of creative execution that worked. And by successful, I mean driving sales through the roof.

The examples don’t necessarily have to be home-grown. There is nothing wrong with pointing out innovative ideas that other agencies have tried (as long as you give proper credit). For example, Grey New York has done a phenomenal job with Febreeze. We’ve all seen the commercials where blindfolded consumers are sent into smelly environments like dive hotels or filthy restaurants. Yet, Febreeze fools them into thinking they are smelling citrus or floral aromas. When they remove the blindfold, the people are shocked.

This idea actually started out as just a web campaign, but proved so convincing that they decided to turn the clips into actual TV ads. The “Breathe Happy” campaign quadrupled Febreeze’s Facebook followers to one million. Plus some 15,000 people sent in their own “odor” stories. Nobody else was doing this with an odor product. But by taking this approach, Febreeze took ownership of the category.

What client wouldn’t want that?

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