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See the Bigger Picture: Social Media is a source for Free Advertising

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In this digital age of information overload, you may look at social media and think “Well, why should I tweet or post on Facebook if there are going to be 1.2 billion other posts pushing mine to the bottom.” That may be true, but you need to see the bigger picture.

Social media is a way to advertise your company, its products and its services for free. There are several blogs that say using social media for self-promotion is wrong, and those blogs are somewhat right. Social media is more than just a way to advertise your company and it should be used to its full advantage. But, don’t put self-promotion to the wayside. There has to be a balance between posting promotional material and quality content. Share links to your website, post news releases, share internal information or what have you, but mix that in with some industry-related content, a few retweets and a couple shares.

If your company is thinking social media isn’t working because they aren’t gaining enough likes or followers, tell them there’s more to it than that. When we conduct social media management for clients, we tell them the main goal is to get that prospective customer back to your website. If you get five prospects to the website and sales are made, there’s the evidence of your ROI. Having 50,000 likes isn’t evidence of anything other than you doing a good job of getting people interested and engaging with your page. Likes and followers don’t necessarily equal revenue.

Use social media for all its worth. It really is a great tool for free advertising and just one more place to post your news releases, products, new ventures, etc. If you can stop worrying about likes and followers for a month, you may realize you didn’t need to worry about that aspect of social media so much in the first place.

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