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Save Dollars with the Use of E-Learning


Gasoline is hovering around $4 a gallon and does not appear to decrease in price soon.  With the consolidation of commercial airlines and the added cost of airport security tacked onto your ticket, traveling the friendly skies isn’t so friendly anymore.  So why keep running corporate training sessions on-location?

The cost of bringing people into town for meetings, education and marketing presentations can be avoided.  With e-learning, all the costs associated with travel and holding events in brick and mortar facilities are eliminated.  Vastly improved connection speed means virtually any organization can train both internal and external audiences with e-learning.  Plus, both software and cloud computing capabilities have made it much simpler to create your own customized e-learning programs (versus paying for off-the-shelf e-learning modules).

A few other great things about e-learning that make it the way to go include:

–          It can easily be updated as things change

–          It’s instantly scalable, meaning you can distribute it around the world with one click

–          You can take the training anywhere/anytime

–          You can track and audit who has taken the training

–          You eliminate printed materials that quickly become obsolete

The next time you need to train associates or customers, consider how much you could save by using e-learning.

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