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PR: There’s an App for That!


As a busy PR professional on the move, your job has to travel with you.  For many of us, our laptops often sit idle while our smart phones and tablets never seem to get a break.  Public relations is all about staying connected, so having the right apps at your fingertips is key.  In our digital world, apps are invaluable tools for maintaining a presence, staying informed and serving clients’ needs from wherever you are.  In no particular order, here are five must-have apps for today’s mobile PR professionals.

AP Stylebook 2011 ($24.99 from iTunes)- Ditch your hard copy outdated edition AP Stylebook and invest in this app. Whether you are new to the biz or a seasoned pro, this essential reference guide should be kept close at all times to answer those burning style questions to ensure you’re writing to AP standards.

Dropbox (free from iTunes and Google Play)-This handy file sharing service saves  your photos, documents and videos in one place—and syncs them to all your computers, phone, tablet and even the Dropbox website.  It’s ideal for managing presentations and files when you’re out and about.

LinkedIn (free from iTunes and Google Play)-This one is a no-brainer. The LinkedIn app enables you to stay connected to your professional network 24/7, get the latest updates and share your status.  If you have a LinkedIn account—and you should—you need this app.

Evernote (free from iTunes and Google Play)-It’s like a virtual personal assistant to keep you organized. With Evernote, you can take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists and record voice reminders.  It’s completely searchable and works across all your devices.

Flipboard (free from iTunes and Google Play)-This awesome app creates a personalized magazine with content created from everything being shared with you. You can flip through your Facebook newsfeeds, tweets, other social media feeds and news outlets quickly and easily.  You can even re-tweet and share from within the app.

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