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Case Study

Wild Republic Switch-A-Rooz® Influencer Marketing Campaign

Client Situation:

Wild Republic engaged Stevens Strategic Communications (SSC) to manage their first specialized influencer marketer campaign for its new product line, Switch-A-Rooz® plush animals: an interactive, new product development providing children two plush animals-in-one. Wild Republic had a minimal budget, but still wanted to reach their primary market segment: mothers.


Stevens Strategic organized the distribution and placement of the new Switch-A-Rooz® product with mommy bloggers, connecting Wild Republic with their target market. Mommy bloggers eliminated the need for Wild Republic to purchase costly advertising in traditional print magazines or buy television spots. Contacting bloggers monthly is the most cost-effective way to reach the audience.


The influencer marketer campaign is still producing strong results. Through timed placements with leading mommy bloggers and family websites, SSC helped Wild Republic grow product awareness and familiarity with the Switch-A-Rooz® product. Switch-A-Rooz® have been placed in over thirty blogs resulting in over 4.5 million impressions. This is more than double the impressions from a popular family magazine, for three percent of the cost of a single page print advertisement. This promotional scheme together with effective public relations has helped Wild Republic clean out its inventory of Switch-A-Rooz®.

Influencer marketing also increases the number of families who get to directly interact with the Switch-A-Rooz® product. The hands-on interaction outperforms advertising where print ads are static. Through this innovative PR and marketing platform, SSC is getting Switch-A-Rooz® into the hands of children throughout North America.

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