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Case Study

Wild Republic New Product Launch

Client Situation:

Wild Republic is one of the largest manufacturers of stuffed animals and children’s toys in the United States. One of the biggest platforms for launching new products each year is Toy Fair. This international exposition is held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City during February. Thousands of buyers and media personnel from all over the world come to see what’s new and exciting. Wild Republic was introducing one of its most innovative products ever at Toy Fair (Switch-A-Rooz®). Wild Republic asked Stevens Strategic Communications to develop a campaign that would drive traffic to their booth and create buzz in the media.


Beginning several months before the show, Stevens Strategic Communications began an integrated media blitz utilizing e-blasts, press releases and direct-mail. The messaging was progressive so that readers slowly became more and more enticed to visit the Wild Republic booth. We also incorporated a series of humorous videos into the e-blasts that dramatically helped increase open rates and follow-up responses. A major part of the communications was asking buyers and media to make reservations for a private tour and to attend a free breakfast. This integrated approach and clever messaging generated impressive results.


Booth traffic and sales written at Toy Fair significantly exceeded the previous year’s results. The Toy Fair breakfast was well attended and dozens of editors, bloggers and key industry people left the booth with a media kit and a very positive experience. Media coverage garnered over 740,000 impressions.

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