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Case Study

global X Executive Team Videos

Client Situation:

global X wanted to enhance the company’s corporate profiles through video. They commissioned videos be made for each of their top executives as a personal and professional highlight. This allows potential clients to understand the company, meet the team and see the commitment from the staff. In order to provide a prestigious vibe to the website each video details a person and their role inside the company.

The videos add a modern technological use to enhance the appeal to the average client or website user. In addition to the videos, global X hired Stevens Strategic Communications, Inc. to produce a website and a company brochure.


The videos were conducted as interview sessions with each global X executive. This provides the client a chance to see, hear and learn about the executives and the company.


The company received high quality videos that provide background on each executive and defines the Global X environment. Stevens Strategic Communications was able to use the videos to increase search engine optimization.

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