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Case Study

Eriez® P-Rex® Mail Campaign

Client Situation:

Stevens Strategic Communications (SSC) was asked to create buzz for a new Eriez scrap drum that was designed to combat an image problem in the recycling industry. This product is more powerful, economical to operate, and eco-certified. The biggest trade show for the recycling industry is called ISRI. How can direct mail make a difference? We wanted to drive buyers to the Eriez booth and sell scrap drums.


The Permanent Rate Earth Xtreme (P-Rex®) Scrap Drum was dubbed a “dinosaur.” Two e-newsletters were mailed to the target list teasing with an embedded Flash video that featured a dinosaur’s eye and the roar of a dinosaur. These were emailed prior to the ISRI show. SSC determined that a three-part, high-impact mailing campaign would be an effective additional aspect of a direct-mail campaign. We found a large dinosaur egg that was mailed to a list of 800 auto shredders — a list offering the most success. This first mailing carried the message, “Come see the beast being unleashed at ISRI.” The eggs can be soaked in water and dinosaurs appear. This mailing was followed up with a toy dinosaur announcing that the P-REX had been born. Finally, a third mailing was a book that spelled out why the P-REX and other Eriez products are so important to the recycling industry.


As soon as the mailing went out, over 20 buyers asked for more eggs for their children. At the show, prospects came to the booth wanting to see the P-REX. Those at the show who did not receive an egg mailing asked for an egg. Eriez sold the products it showed on the floor at ISRI–over $1.4 million in sales. Within 90 days Eriez exceeded its annual forecast for Scrap Drum sales. The e-newsletters produced over 600 opens which was almost a 30% open rate, and each person spent an average of 2:24 minutes with the newsletters.

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