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Case Study

Eriez® Media Coverage

Client Situation:

Eriez asked Stevens Strategic to produce an extremely high volume of significant media coverage in a six to nine month period. Business was down and the prospect for a good new year appeared suspect.


Stevens Strategic pulled out all the stops. In terms of industries such as coal mining, we strove to promote rebuilding equipment rather than buying new. We pushed hard in the down recycling industry with the introduction of a metal loss monitor showing scrap yards how to recover high value scrap that was going to the landfills. We promoted heavily in the food industry. We developed greater exposure for the Eriez Flotation Division and found homes for articles in the metalworking industry.


We received cover coverage as well as coverage in more than 2,000 publications and the business press producing over 50 million impressions. We also noticed that there was a heavy volume of interest in Eriez’ products and services in both France and Germany. The bottom line for Eriez is that a projected down year became an UP YEAR that met or exceeded month to month forecasts in 2014.

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