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Case Study

Domino’s Case Study

Client Situation:

As the leaders in pizza delivery, Domino’s introduced the DXP™ single purpose delivery vehicle. The DXP adapts the Chevy Spark to carry an oven along with space for 80 pizzas as well as beverage and other foods. Domino’s believed the media would not be interested in the DXP unless it was an automotive story. Stevens Strategic Communications (SSC) was asked to serve as the lead PR firm and to create the response and manage five PRGN operations to roll out the new DXP vehicle in addition to preparing media kits for the rollout.


SSC prepared press kits for an Automotive Press Association press conference, eight major DXP market introductions and 17 minor market introductions. A turnkey plan was created by SSC so that each DXP event could be flawlessly put on by PRGN affiliates.


PRGN member firms created impressive events driving more than 75 people to open houses or locations where media coverage was outstanding. At 1.2 billion media impressions according to Meltwater, the DXP campaign produced the most circulation in Domino’s history for a single rollout and obviously exceeded all 2015 campaigns. Notable media coverage included Fox & Friends, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Late Late Show with James Corden and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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