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Join the Force Now FAQ

Why is a police officer recruitment program necessary?

Stevens Strategic Communications created the Join the Force Now campaign as a recruitment campaign that features deep community penetration, workshops and videos that educate candidates on what they need to know about becoming a police officer. If you want your police department to look like your community in terms of demographics, you need a program that also attracts quality potential applicants. Stevens Strategic Communications has developed such a program and can help your department put it into action.

How successful was the Join the Force Now campaign?

The Join the Force Now campaign has won five local, regional and international awards from the Public Relations Society of America, PRSA East Central District and Public Relations Global Network in the categories of media relations, video production, social media, community relations and multicultural communications.

Can you provide some metrics about the demographic significance of this program?

The results were phenomenal! Previous recruiting campaigns for the prototype police department attracted about 120 candidates, many unqualified, with no women or African American applicants. Few could even be considered to hire. The Join the Force Now campaign produced over 270 candidates, consisting of 9.5% African American, 7.1% Hispanic, 2% Asian, 2.3% mixed race and 1% Native American. The majority were qualified because the webpage helped filter out unqualified candidates.

The group matrix is within approximately 4% of the city’s demographic makeup, according to the U.S. Census. The gender breakdown was 19.8% female, which is 4.8% higher than a Department of Justice study of female applicants.

Is the program effective in building a pool of quality police officer recruits?

10,924 visited the Join the Force Now website during the same time of the previous year when only 120 expressed an interest, with no minorities. Your police department can be staffed by using the best practices developed under the Join The Force Now banner.

In a six-month program, Stevens Strategic Communications helped gain a significant increase in website visitors. More than 1,360 of website visitors clicked on the apply now link. 1,209 of these visitors clicked on the eligibility information link. In terms of referring pages, Facebook generated 5,711 sessions, while Google.com generated 390 sessions. The police department now has a replenishing list of quality candidates who pre-qualify themselves before applying.