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Police Officer Recruitment Program

Join The Force Now Campaign Attracts Police Officer Candidates Reflecting City’s Demographics

Police officers in the United States have not received good press in many regions of the country. That doesn’t help when it comes to recruitment. How does your department recruit police officers — especially minorities, including women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and others? How do you make your police department reflect your city’s demographic makeup by recruiting a similar demographic group? You face a tremendous challenge.

Stevens Strategic Communications created the Join the Force Now campaign. It is a recruitment campaign that features deep community penetration, workshops and videos that educate candidates on what they need to know about becoming a police officer. If you want your police department to look like your community in terms of demographics, you need a program that attracts quality potential applicants. Stevens Strategic Communications has developed such a program and can help your department put it into action. Why not use a proven approach to recruitment? For results from our Ohio prototype, click here.

The Join the Force Now campaign has won five local, regional and international awards from the Public Relations Society of America, PRSA East Central District and Public Relations Global Network in the categories of media relations, video production, social media, community relations and multicultural communications.

Essential Program Elements

Stevens Strategic Communications will provide these services to your police department, preparing you to continue the program for years.

The program will also focus on maximizing your results on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach a wide range of qualified applicants.

Projected Results

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