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Media Training Helps You Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking


In most polls taken, fear of public speaking is rated the number one phobia. For the majority of us, standing up in front of a group to speak causes great anxiety.

How many times have you witnessed someone melt down in front of the press? Reporters are shouting questions. Bright lights from camera news crews may be blinding you. There might even be a heckler causing a disturbance. So, how do you relax those sweaty palms, wobbly knees and get your heart rate to slow down?  Media training.

Practice and preparation are the best way to overcome these potential obstacles. Stevens Strategic Communications has trained numerous CEOs, politicians and civic leaders how to best prepare for a media event. During our workshops, we literally set up what looks like a live event in our studio complete with lights, a podium and reporters in the audience asking you questions. Prior to the pseudo-news event, we’ll train you on things such as professional appearance, delivery, what to say and what not say, shaping your message and more.

What we’ve discovered is that with practice, every speaker becomes more polished and confident. If you or anyone at your firm wants to become a better public speaker, we encourage you to sign up for our Media Training Workshop. In less than a half day, we’ll help you overcome any public speaking phobias you might have. You’ll leave feeling confident and excited about the next opportunity to address an audience of any size.

–David Walker, SSC President

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