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Comments Off on I want to thank Joe Ledlie, my friend and head of our PRGN affiliate in Atlanta for these gems:

I want to thank Joe Ledlie, my friend and head of our PRGN affiliate in Atlanta for these gems:

Twitter Fritter: A man in Britain by the name of Coleman was jogging to work and tweeting on his BlackBerry when he ran headlong into a tree. This suggests that the past tense of “tweeting” might be “twit.”

The Myopic Manager: A manager at a health systems clinic in Madison, Wisconsin, received corporate instructions to “immediately” lay off 50 employees. The 30-year veteran felt it was fine to pull one RN out of an operating room and fire her, leaving the physician without a surgically trained staff. (The patient survived. No word on the manager.)

A Dy-no-mite Solution: Researchers in Missouri discovered certain Midwestern grasses can break down TNT into mere carbon dioxide and water. Their next step is to test it outdoors. If that works, it could lead to the restoration of over 530 hazardous sites, 20 of them listed by the U.S. government as among the countries most toxic wastelands.

Beach Reading: Some of us are old enough to remember the cautionary tale sung by The Beach Boys about the poison we put in the ocean threatening life on land. That was in 1971. Thirty-five years later, water pollution led to over 25,000 beach closures in a single year in the U.S., the most in nearly two decades.

No Sesame Street for you, baby: Families who watch television regularly speak an average of 770 fewer words to each other compared to members of the general population. Infants tend to zone out in front of the television also. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages television viewing before the age of two. (We discourage it to the same age limit as found on actuarial tables, which is 122.)

Thanks for your time,

Ed Stevens, APR, CBC

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