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How to Write a Press Release

Paper with penWhen done right, a press release can bring you a great deal of attention, hundreds (if not thousands) of hits to your website and ultimately more sales and revenue. So what is a press release?

In essence, a press release is simply a statement prepared for distribution to the news media announcing something claimed as having news value with the intent of gaining media coverage.

Your press release should contain the following vital components:


The headline is the first single line of text and announces what the content press release. It can be a very effective tool to grab the attention of editors, so writing it from a journalist’s perspective is very important. Think what headlines catch your eyes in the newspaper or trade publications.  The headline should be descriptive but not too long.


– Dateline –This contains the release date of the press release and usually also the originating city of the press release.

– Introduction –This is the first paragraph in a press release, that generally gives basic answers to the questions of who, what, when, where and why.

– Details —This section gives further explanation, statistics, background, or other details relevant to the news and also serves to back up whatever claims were made in the introductory paragraph. Leave a blank line after each paragraph for good visibility.


The about section is also called the “boilerplate” as it is used over and over again. It is generally a short section providing background information on the press release issuing company or organization.

Media Contact

This section can go either at the top of the release or the bottom. This part contains the contact information such as name, phone number, email address, mailing address, etc. for the media relations contact person. For good credibility, the email address should be the same as the organization referred to in the press release.

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