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How to Create Great Display Advertising


You may have the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t market it effectively, the world may miss out on your great offer. Knowing how to create a great advertising display that captures attention and drives sales is paramount to the success of your product.

No matter how fantastic your product or service is, sales can languish if it’s not promoted well. A great advertising display that’s eye-catching and memorable, and successfully conveys your message at a glance, can transform dismal receipts into sales successes. Here are some quick tips on how to create a great advertising display.

Keep It Brief

Successful companies often use succinct slogans, and for good reason. You have but a moment to capture the attention of your customers; long messages won’t be read, let alone retained, by distributor location, showroom or store visitors. For maximum impact, grab their attention with a hook, keep your advertising display message short and laser in on how your product or service stands out from the others. Although you might want to highlight every positive factor about the item being marketed, that typically results in a display encumbered with input overload that the potential customer will never retain, or even finish reading.

Rather than employing tired and often ignored hooks such as, New and Improved!, use an effective hook that stops customers in their tracks, such as, Today Only! or simply name the unique or greater benefit. Include a call to action that spurs customers to buy your product or service right away. Incorporating an interactive feature into the display helps increase this likelihood. An affixed pad of coupons, attached stand of small informational brochures, even a simple QR code for a discount or other benefit are all examples of encouraging interaction with your display.

Avoid Clutter

Some companies think that putting text starbursts all over their advertising displays makes their ads stand out. Bursts, swipes and other such graphic devices are quite effective, but only when used sparingly, and only when surrounded with sufficient empty space.

Combining disharmonious graphic design and type styles can be effective when used correctly. However, mixing too many styles or juxtaposing styles that fight against each other engenders a sense of chaos, rather than one of clean contrast. Such a display communicates difficulty instead of ease, and shoppers transfer that judgment to the item advertised.

The same caution applies against using discordant color schemes. The goal is to capture people’s attention as long as possible, not cause them to look away from your display.

Don’t! Overuse! Bangs!

Advertisers love exclamation points! They think that putting a bang after every sentence will convince the customer that the product or service is exciting and essential! Like graphic icons, however, exclamation points are most effective when employed sparingly and only where truly merited! Notice how every sentence in this paragraph seems to carry the same sense of urgency! Your customers won’t know where their focus should be!

Be careful with other punctuation and indicators as well. Bullet points are meant to briefly highlight advantages of the product or service that make it stand out from the rest. Save the long laundry list of features for the package insert. Also, be sure to triple-check for spelling and punctuation errors before putting your advertising display out there for the world to see.

Put Your Display in the Best Light

Whether your advertising piece is a flat printed poster, a 3-D stand or an actual product on display, the lighting of the piece will have an impact on its effectiveness. You probably won’t have control of the environmental lighting for your finished piece, so keep that in mind when creating your display. If it’s likely to be placed in a dim corner of a store, add your own lighting to the display, perhaps incorporating inexpensive LED light effects. Remember: light draws attention and darkness escapes attention.

Negotiate for Visibility

You may have the best ad display ever created, but if it’s placed in a low traffic or low visibility area, all your design efforts will be lost. Securing a high visibility placement is paramount for a display’s success. Work with your sales channel contacts to arrange for a favorable placement of your stunning display, advocating how high visibility of your display will improve their business.

Pulling It All Together

Don’t let your valuable ad dollars go to waste. To create a great advertising display, it is imperative to draw the customer’s eye to the display, quickly and clearly convey your main points and make your message memorable with a call to action.

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