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Green 2: Are you an environmental leader?

The role of companies in restoring and maintaining the environment is changing dramatically. I found these questions from The Environmental Leader by Twyla Dell to be especially relevant in our business climate:

  • Can companies become environmental leaders?
  • Can you save money by becoming eco-efficient?
  • Can you afford not to do your best by the earth?
  • Is environmental technology a market position?

I found other research indicating several reasons why a company would become an environmental leader. Which one fits your business?

  • Environmental marketing can be used to achieve corporate objectives.
  • Companies believe they have a moral obligation to be more environmentally responsible.
  • Governmental bodies are forcing firms to become more socially responsible.
  • Competitor’s environmental activities pressure companies to change their environmental marketing activities.
  • Consumers are shifting focus and buying from companies that demonstrate environmental leadership.

Undertaking an environmental leadership strategy today is just as important as spearheading initiatives for sales, marketing, employee training, product development and HR.
Jim DiFrangia,
Copy Contact Account Executive/Green Initiatives

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