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Five Tips on Handling International PR


TIP #1: Before you start your international PR program, ask yourself, “What are your objectives?”  Is this a new product/service introduction?  What is your reputation on a country-by-country basis?  If you can provide measurable objectives, that is an excellent first step.

TIP #2: Which countries are you targeting?  Budget and distribution channels should guide the selection of the countries you seek to penetrate.  If you talk to public relations firms in the countries you want to reach, you can learn quickly what will be needed to obtain the coverage you desire.  You will find each country is different.  You will also find that each PR firm has different strengths—social media, media contacts, e-communications, direct mail capabilities, etc.

TIP #3:  Use their language, not yours.  Translations are the key to obtaining exposure.  Remember, some English words do not translate well into other languages.  Create news releases and press materials yourself, but have them translated by the PR firm that works in the country.

TIP #4:  Ask for clippings.  You need to track what appears in print and online.  While there are international services that track publicity, clippings are often lost on a worldwide basis.  You need to measure your success.  You will find out that some countries do better than others.

TIP #5: Use an International PR Network.  There are a number of PR networks that can take your story to the countries you target.  When you work with a network, you will typically have an account person near you.  This account person will engage the services of the network members at a budget that you approve.  I would be remiss not to mention our network:  the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN).  Visit our website at www.prgn.com .

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