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Facebook Ads: A Tool to Get More Likes

The Promote Page Window on Facebook

One thing some of our SSC team members learned during a social media seminar at the Erie Club was this:

“The likes don’t come in as fast without Facebook Ads!”

Facebook Ads are a great way to get out the rut your page has reached with its number of likes. These ads will help your page reach more Facebook users. Facebook ads have several other benefits as well:

– Fast and easy to set up

– Inexpensive: To start, $50-$100 is sufficient

– Guaranteed Results

– Increase in Reach, Page Likes, Shares, Post Likes and Website Traffic

According to an article on venturebeat.com, “Performance marketing company Nanigans released a study today (Oct. 16) showcasing that Facebook advertising is alive and well, with retailers seeing a 375 percent explosion in click-through rates from Q3 2012 to Q3 2013 — and healthy 152 percent return on investment.”

One of the great features about Facebook ads is that Facebook now allows you to essentially create six ads for the price of one. You can upload six different pictures to go with your ad description. You can even change the description text that goes along with each photo. This way, you can go back and see which ad did the best and make tweaks to gain a larger reach and more clicks.

Businesses don’t have much to lose since Facebook ads are inexpensive. Test an ad or boost a post only using $15. View the results and decide if you want try it again with an increased budget.

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