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E-Crisis Thinking Starts with Social Media Policy–But There’s More

Highlighting Policy in the Dictionary

Not every organization has a social media policy for their employees, but they should.  And in today’s world, you can use a chapter on social media in your crisis plan.  Not every organization has one of these either.

So if you don’t have an employee social media policy or a crisis plan with a section on social media, why should I be even mentioning our ONLINE WAR ROOM™? The simple answer: Because it is so cool.

How do companies respond to negative, detrimental or even false information on social media platforms?  Thanks to our membership in the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), we now offer a proprietary tool that simulates sensitive, often emotional social conversations that can potentially affect your organization’s brand and reputation in a matter of seconds.  The Online War Room is a secure tool that allows our team to simulate online crises and issues management situations in real time.

The tool works on a closed network, so clients can be assured that the information used in the simulations will never be LIVE or PUBLIC.  Once several scenarios are identified, our team works behind the scenes to develop a variety of posts, comments and content (photos, video, news, etc.) that could possibly be generated about your organization or leadership during each of the scenarios.  Once the training session is complete, our team provides a recap report outlining lessons learned, recommended updates to the current processes and plans, and an executive summary that can be shared throughout our organization.

When you leave our Online War Room, you will know just how ready you are to face your next social media generated crisis.  Pretty cool stuff.

For more information on the Online War Room, contact SSC president Ed Stevens at estevens@stevensstrategic.com.

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