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Don’t Forget the #: The Value of Using a Hashtag on Twitter

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The hashtag is a commonly known symbol used when sending messages over Twitter. Placing the hashtag symbol (#) before a keyword in your tweet will make that keyword searchable by others on Twitter. Even using a hashtag during a Google search will bring up different results than searching for a keyword without a hashtag. (Did you know that? If not, you should go try it now.)

Oftentimes people don’t understand the value of using a hashtag in a tweet or why you would use so many hashtags in a tweet. We’ve sent out many tweets that were heavily loaded with hashtags, and we’ve been questioned as to why we include so many of them. There is a method to the “Twitter madness,” and it goes back to what I just mentioned about hashtags and Google.

Twitter is great for search engine optimization, and that is thanks to the hashtag. When you post a press release to Twitter with a few hashtags in your tweet, your release is going to pop up more often in a Google search. Furthermore, Topsy, a social insight tool used to track Twitter trends and offer analysis services, is going to show up with more of your tweets in a Google search if you use a hashtag.

Guess what? You could double or triple your reach just by remembering the #. So, if you want to reach a larger audience with that press release, use a hashtag when you tweet about it.

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