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Green 3: Ohio ‘green’ jobs could hit 2.1M by 2030

I came across a report showing that as many as 1 out of 4 workers in the U.S. will be working in the environmental, renewable energy or energy efficiency industries by 2030…and many of these jobs will be right here in Ohio.

Under an advanced scenario, by 2030, the renewable energy (RE) sector could generate $18 billion in revenue and 175,000 jobs in Ohio and the energy efficiency (EE) sector could produce $200 billion in revenues and more than 2 million jobs in our state.

Ohio is poised to recruit many RE and EE companies because of its manufacturing workforce. Our workforce can be trained for jobs in wind turbines, biofuels, waste management, HVAC systems among others, according to the report.

Ohio must recognize that it is in fierce competition for the RE and EE jobs with traditional high-tech metropolitan areas like San Jose, Colorado Springs, and Washington, D.C.

The state must also compete with university-centered research areas including Palo Alto (Stanford), Ann Arbor (Michigan), Boulder (Colorado), Trenton (Princeton) and Albany (SUNY-Albany).
Ohio needs to market its strengths in manufacturing, research, education, construction and operation, according to the report.

The report was compiled by the American Solar Society with assistance from the Ohio Department of Development and Green Energy Ohio.

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Public Relations practice

This year a lot of the people that I talked to were interested in what we are doing in social media. There is plenty in the works. I can send any of you an overview of the kinds of things we are doing for a number of different kinds of clients. That is, if you are interested. Write estevens@stevensstrategic.com

Our Public Relations practice appears to be getting exceptional results for clients producing 10 or more times the amount of investment dollars and up to 50 times in terms of sales attributed to PR. I am proud that we continue to win awards for our work for Eriez, but even more happy that their business is still good during these challenging economic times.

Have you given any thought to your Crisis Communications Plan? Is it time for an update? Or maybe it´s time for your first Crisis Plan. We were recently engaged to handle the peanut butter salmonella outbreak for one of our clients, and we have been on the front lines when it comes to crises. Perhaps, we can help you?

Advertising, green marketing, new sales literature concepts, brand centers and print centers are also occupying our time at Stevens Baron. We would welcome the chance to visit you to discuss your situation. We can help your business bounce back more quickly as our economy turns around. We are already seeing things turn in an upward direction over hear.

I was sorry to hear that Dave McHenry passed away this past weekend. He was the advertising manager when we first started working for Eriez. God bless you Dave.

We´ll be trying to do a new blog for you every week as our minimum. Let me know what you want to read about.

Thanks for your time,

Ed Stevens, APR, CBC

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