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Comments Off on The iPhone 5 is on its way!

The iPhone 5 is on its way!

iPhone 5

The next generation of the innovative Apple smart phone is sure to make waves throughout the industry upon its release. Expected this September or October, there is no doubt the device will be a holiday gift hit. Analysts are claiming upwards of 59 million units will be sold before the end of the year.

Early reports have indicated that the iPhone 5 is a complete redesign with a thinner body, larger retina display screen, new operating system and IOS 6. It’s said to be loaded with improved features and capabilities including a smaller dock connector, a quad-core processor (an improved version of the now existing A5 chip), 1 GB RAM, 4G download speed (LTE support), and possibly an 8MP camera.

Are these facts, fiction, rumors or speculation? Only time will tell. Regardless, with its arrival, Apple will keep its competitive edge in the smart phone market. The iPhone 5 will increase efficiency, productivity and all around enjoyment of the smart phone experience.

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Four Easy SEO Tips That Also Impress Users


Writing for the web requires you to be as impressive to the search engines as you are to your readers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you make that happen. Your readers will also be impressed because today’s techniques for increasing search ranking often result in higher-quality content.

Expert SEO requires keeping up with the latest search engine trends and a willingness to spend hours making small changes that add up to big gains in search rankings. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry. While expert SEO is a discipline all its own, you can achieve results with just a few SEO tips and tricks.

Good SEO Starts with Good Writing

Search engines look at grammar, punctuation and spelling. They also look at whether there is a logical flow to your content. Search engines know that poorly-written content is less likely to offer quality information. The weaker your writing, the lower your site will fall in the search rankings.

Begin each page with a good summary lead and build on this core idea with subsequent paragraphs. Thoroughly proofread your work before you publish it and be sure you’re not committing any embarrassing errors. Not only will your readers appreciate the effort, the search engines will too.

Write Your Content for Keywords

Stuffing titles full of search terms and wedging keywords into your content won’t just get you nowhere, it might even retract your site from search engines entirely. Search engines are now using their knowledge of good writing to spot these tricks and will only give you a good ranking when the keywords are a critical and natural part of your content.

Write every page with your keywords and search phrases in mind. As you write, look for ways to include these words and phrases in your sentences, and only use them when they fit. This doesn’t just convince the search engines you’re legit, it also keeps your writing focused.

Choose the Right Titles for Your Pages

Because search engines are better at spotting keyword overload, it has become even more important to create well-written titles for your pages. A great title uses your most important keywords well and accurately reflects the content of the page.

Don’t write a title like “In the Garden,” when you can write “10 Gardening Tips to Make Your Flowers Bloom.” Not only does the second title give search engines more information, it will also attract users when they see it in their search results.

Better Audience Participation Gives You Better Search Ranking

Sites that give their users a way to join the conversation are being ranked higher than sites that offer only a one-way experience. Search engines know the web is a social network, and quality sites are built on communities as much as they are on content.

So, add a comment system to your site and maintain a presence on social networks. If you give your users a way to engage, more will follow.

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Comments Off on Super Bowl Reflections

Super Bowl Reflections

I am still bothered by the Super Bowl spots that incorporated so much violence. Wendy’s,
the Movie trailers, Pepsi max, Snickers…Then Chrysler’s “imported from Detroit” was so

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Comments Off on We are in this Together

We are in this Together

Did you ever hear of PurpleAmerica.us? It is an organization that grew out of Cleveland’s
own Project Love. What it does is bring all us Americans together. Democrats and
Republicans and even Independents and Libertarians–everyone. “We are in this together,”
said Ken Lanci, one of the founders of the organization. “We need to start living ‘for the
greater good of all and not for the rich. Corporate CEOs and athletes are making too much
in contrast to the $32,000 average annual salary of the average Joe or Josephine.’” Check
out their web site www.purpleamerica.us.

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Comments Off on NCAA Brackets

NCAA Brackets

The NCAA brackets are embracing our sports world. Who will wear the crown when the
Final Four becomes One? The Wall Street Journal caused me to do a double take. I never
even thought of #2 Seed Sand Diego State. Now what do I do? Enjoy the trip down the

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Comments Off on Prayers for Japan

Prayers for Japan

We are all sorry to hear about Japan. Our affiliate in Japan tells me how bad it is. Having
worked with utilities with nuclear power capability, I know how much we do every day to
keep our communities safe. Nuclear power is still the best clean air solution for our growing
electrical energy demand. Natural disasters and acts of God will always upend man’s best
laid plans. Don’t give up on nuclear power. Say a prayer for Japan.

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Comments Off on Stevens Baron Receives “Best of Show” At Seventh Annual PRSA Cleveland Rocks Award Luncheon

Stevens Baron Receives “Best of Show” At Seventh Annual PRSA Cleveland Rocks Award Luncheon

The Greater Cleveland Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) honored the best in marketing and public relations on December 4, 2009 in downtown Cleveland.

Stevens Baron Communications took home the coveted “Best of Show” award for its crisis communications campaign for King Nut Companies. The firm also received three other awards for Marketing Public Relations, Community Relations and Crisis Communications.

“This is wonderful recognition from our peers for a classic crisis communications effort that was designed to save a company’s reputation,” said Edward Stevens, Stevens Baron President. “It did just that.”

The Greater Cleveland Chapter honored a total of 75 entries with Cleveland Rocks Awards at the ceremony.

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