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Business to Business Copywriting Tips

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At our agency, there is no such thing as a typical account. Our client list runs the gamut from pizza franchisees to manufacturers of industrial machinery. Though the main goal for copywriting, whether consumer or B2B-focused, is to clearly and effectively deliver the client’s message, the tone and style varies greatly based on the target audience. When we put on our B2B copywriting hats, we are faced with the challenge of taking complex technical subject matter and crafting communications that will be suitable for a wider audience.  While this can be difficult, some tried and true tips can help ensure your final B2B copywriting piece is engaging and informative.

1. If you don’t understand it, your audience won’t either.  Clients often hand over installation manuals, white papers and other materials written by engineers to be used as source.  For a copywriter without a background in the field, the concepts are often tough to absorb.  However, don’t simply cut and paste source material, edit for AP style and call it a day. Take the time to really understand the subject matter and define technical terms.

2. A picture is worth 1,000 words.  Early on in the writing process, gather and/or review the images that will complement your piece. Weave in copy that refers to the images rather than simply depending on captions. Still product shots are okay, but application or “product in action” photos can really help you tell your story.  To add interest and make the piece more timely, work with your art department to create charts and graphs that illustrate current industry trends.

3. Add some style.  Just because the topic may be a bit “dry,” doesn’t mean the writing has to be! Write the first draft with the goal of clearly conveying the concept. Once you are confident you have accomplished this task, go back and add in some flair. If you’re bored reading it, you still have some work to do.  Add quotes, sub-heads and transitions to break up the copy and make it more digestible.

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