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Blogging Effectively for Business Part 2

Why are many companies, especially those among the Fortune 500, blogging today? Creating a blog gives you the ability to ‘humanize’ your company and interact with your customers and prospects.

Adopting a blogging strategy may seem counter culture to some companies, where communications is tightly controlled. However, openness, sharing ideas and welcoming feedback is gradually becoming a successful communications format with corporate America.

Just getting a blog started is the biggest challenge. It is important to determine the type of content your audience is searching for and how the blog brings something of value to your readers.

Establish your expertise in a subject that is appealing to your audience without an overt sales message for your product or service. A hotel chain, for example, could start a blog on ‘best places to travel’ and garner reader comments. The blog’s sidebar could contain a blogroll (links to other travel resources), photo gallery of hot vacation spots submitted by readers and—by the way—a link to the hotel chain’s Web site.

Welcome comments to your blog even if they may be negative. A negative comment gives you the chance to solve a customer’s problem and leave a positive impression on others readers. Sometimes, comments provide you information that is important to improving customer service.

You don’t need to assign just one person to write your blogs; rather create a team of bloggers to diffuse the workload. Just make sure your bloggers have a passion for the subject matter, they enjoy interacting with readers, they know how to write and they know what they are writing about. Should your CEO blog? It’s OK if he or she meets the above criteria and is willing to devote some time to this initiative; otherwise, don’t do it.

Jim DiFrangia, SBC Social Consciousness AE

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