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Blogging Effectively for Business Part 1

Do you know what it takes to get found in today’s world of social media? Setting up and maintaining a blog is one way to engage your customers and prospects without an overt selling message.

According to E-Marketer, by 2013, 58% of the U.S. Internet population (128 million people) will be reading blogs regularly while 17% (38 million) will have their own blogs. Getting people to read and react to your blog requires some upfront planning and long-term commitment.

You can quickly create and publish new content through a blog and allow your readers to leave comments on your content as well as garner other feedback from those reading both your post and reader comments, thus creating a vibrant loop with all parties.

Creating a blog also gives your company another chance to be found via search engines. For example, you can raise your search ranking in Google just by adding content to your blog on a regular basis. Rather than a static website where content rarely changes, adding fresh content to your blog multiplies the number of keyword phrases ultimately picked up by the major search engines.

Before you leap into blogging, remember that a blog has no expiration date. You can’t start a blog and decide after two months to stop it, because you will stop talking to your customers. Put some planning into your blog by answering these questions:

  • Who is your intended audience and what topics are of most interest to them?
  • Do you have the time and people to blog?
  • Do you host the blog on your website or have a separate domain?
  • Do you use a free blogging platform (a popular one is WordPress) or pay a monthly fee?
  • Are you comfortable editing the blog templates or should you get IT or an outside firm involved?

Coming soon: How to create content and how to measure your blog’s effectiveness.

Jim DiFrangia, SBC Social Consciousness AE

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