Accessorizing a laptop computer for your desk

Posted by The SSC Team

laptop accesorizing

How many of us sit hunched over a laptop computer’s small screen and tiny keyboard all day long? Then we wonder where those aches in our shoulders and cramps in our hands come from at the end of the day. Laptops have become ubiquitous in businesses, but they aren’t the most comfortable to use for…

Teaching Old Dogs: Keeping Your Computer Files Organized

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A recent Web story about the letters assigned to computer drives made us feel like old dogs. Some of us remember that day at work when a computer was plopped on our desk and we were told to start using it. Training, what training? Everything was learn-as-you-go and a bunch of Post-it notes stuck on…

How to Write a Press Release

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When done right, a press release can bring you a great deal of attention, hundreds (if not thousands) of hits to your website and ultimately more sales and revenue. So what is a press release? In essence, a press release is simply a statement prepared for distribution to the news media announcing something claimed as…

No Longer Your Typical Graphic Artist/Designer

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It’s safe to say that since the advent of desktop computing, business has been changing at a rapid pace. Many jobs have molded and changed to adapt to the latest and greatest technologies available, or they have vanished altogether. Graphic Artists that have been in the industry for the past 20 years know this all…

Media Training Helps You Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

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Chairman Ed Stevens conducting a Media Training Workshop.

In most polls taken, fear of public speaking is rated the number one phobia. For the majority of us, standing up in front of a group to speak causes great anxiety. How many times have you witnessed someone melt down in front of the press? Reporters are shouting questions. Bright lights from camera news crews…

Vine: The Six-Second Video Challenge

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Vine is a mobile application owned by Twitter that allows its users to create and post short videos that are a maximum of six-seconds long. Vine is not even a year old and, according to theverge.com, it already has more than 40 million registered users. Vine seems like it’s going to be the next big…

Facebook Ads: A Tool to Get More Likes

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One thing some of our SSC team members learned during a social media seminar at the Erie Club was this: “The likes don’t come in as fast without Facebook Ads!” Facebook Ads are a great way to get out the rut your page has reached with its number of likes. These ads will help your…

Stop the Dumbing Down of Taking Pictures

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It seems everywhere you look these days someone is snapping a photo. It could be at the playground with a picture of children on the swings, or in a restaurant with a photo of a just-served meal, or at the beach at the end of the day to catch the sunset. Then we post them…

Keeping Clients Happy

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Relationship.  Relationship. Relationship. In the public relations world, it’s not location, but relationship that counts at almost everything you do.  And, if you are part of a public relations agency, it starts with client satisfaction.  Without great clients and your relationships with them, you cannot be successful. At Stevens Strategic, our team has served many…

PRGN Conferences

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This is an exciting year for the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN).  As a founding member 21 years ago, Stevens Strategic Communications has a special bond with PRGN, the fourth largest international network of public relations firms. We are making plans for our meeting in Australia.  Just like all of our meetings, we will spend…