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Article Pitching: How to Make the Right Pitch to a Magazine Editor

Deleting Unwanted Emails

To get your client’s story published, you have to know how to pitch an article to the magazine’s editors. Since many publications today accept only online queries, you need to develop an effective email pitch that gets the editor to respond.

Use the subject line to clearly explain the query. If you are pitching a feature article on industrial safety glasses, you should write in the subject line, “Article query: Know which safety glasses are best for your workplace.”

The length of your query letter depends on the nature and scope of the article — but the bottom line is that you need to convey just the right amount of information to the editor. To pitch your article successfully, you need to find the balance between inciting the editor’s curiosity and writing too much.

Give the names, locations and credentials of the sources you’ll interview for your article. To successfully pitch your articles to magazines, don’t promise experts or sources that you can’t deliver. Then, briefly describe the scope and structure of the article. Is this a how-to article, case study (testimonial), round-up of latest equipment, or human interest?

Next, explain why the magazine’s readers would want to read the article. What benefit will the readers get? Will they learn how to minimize machinery downtime, increase productivity, create a safer workplace, or decrease product loss?

Finally, don’t forget to mention if you can provide photography or any other images. Editors today are busy trying to fill content for both print and online editions. If you can deliver what’s stated in your pitch letter, then you stand a great chance of getting published.

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