about us

about us

Q: When did your agency first form?

Ed Stevens: In 1999 we merged with Baron Advertising (which had been around since 1976) and became Stevens Baron Communications. In 2012, with a focus on digital media, we evolved into Stevens Strategic.

Q: How large is your shop?

ES: We have 19 full- and part-time associates. Most recently we’ve been building up our interactive and social media divisions. Both from a strategy and creative standpoint we’re leading the way in these critical areas as well as crisis work.

Q: Are you a full-service agency as well?

ES: Absolutely. We emphasize an integrated approach to all communications. Each situation is unique and requires the right mix of tactical tools. We provide PR, advertising, videography, still photography, web design, media training, corporate communications and more.

Q: Don’t you also have considerable expertise in crisis communications?

ES: Yes, we are one of the premiere crisis communications firms in Ohio. Crisis communications is one area that requires very specific skill sets and understanding. We’ve been experts in this area for several decades.

Q: What sets Stevens Strategic apart from others?

ES: I think our name is really telling. First and foremost we are a strategic partner. Having the right strategy is the hinge pin to everything else. A lot of firms can do the tactical but they get off track because the strategy lacks focus. Our creative execution is always strong because it’s based on sound strategy and messaging.

Q: Are you a fun group to work with?

ES: While our associates are very passionate about what they do, they recognize the difference between taking their work seriously and themselves seriously. The creative process needs to be free-flowing and energetic. Stress and negativity takes away from that. Clients always leave our meetings feeling positive and upbeat.

Ed Stevens, APR, President of Stevens Strategic Communications