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5 Tips for Getting New Clients

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Finding new customers is perhaps the most challenging task every organization faces. It’s time consuming, expensive and difficult.  Yet there are some things we can do to make that job a little more fruitful. Here are five tips you can try.

1. Ask for referrals. It’s always easier to get a meeting when someone has recommended you. Ask your current clients (particularly ones where you have a strong relationship) if they might be able to make a referral to any of their business associates.

2. Use LinkedIn. This is the precise mission of this social media site. It’s a place where you can renew old relationships and make new ones. Get active and reach out to others on a regular basis. It will pay dividends.

3. Attend workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. Every day there are dozens of meetings and events you can attend that are open to the public. Whether they are specific to your industry or more general like Chamber of Commerce luncheons, attending events is a great way to meet new faces.  Be sure to bring plenty of business cards to pass out.

4. Submit a press release to the local media. Getting your name in print is a great way to make the phone ring. Find an interesting angle about you and your company and draft a press release about that topic. Be sure to include photos and be available for follow-up inquiries.

5. Update the news section of your website. If you have a recent success story, be sure to post it on your website and social media sites.  People are always searching for informative content and fresh ideas. Too many companies neglect to update their content on a regular basis. This negatively impacts your SEO and causes users to abandon your site if they do land there.

David Walker

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