Is Your Company Prepared To Handle a Crisis?

Posted by The SSC Team

With a heightened awareness of the potential for catastrophic events, businesses are beefing up their security plans. But not all crises happen to victims. When a company, knowingly or innocently, causes its own crisis, the results can be similarly devastating.

Either way, victim or culprit, your company’s role in the crisis and the magnitude of the emergency affects how you will respond… to reporters, to your clients and customers, to your community.

Do you know who will act as communicator to the media? Do you know what they should say? How to handle an aggressive reporter? How to handle a long-term crisis? How have other companies handled similar problems?

A crisis plan, to be effective, needs to be a standard part of your company’s business plan, endorsed by management and communicated to employees.

For help in formulating your company’s crisis plan, call Ed Stevens at 440.617.0100 ext. 201 or email estevens@stevensstrategic.com.


Posted by The SSC Team .
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