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Archive for March, 2011


Comments Off on Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising

PRSA TACTICS had a chart that caught my eye. It covered just how honest our advertising
is these days. Only 19% believed advertising: all of the time (1%) or most of the time (18%).
Doesn’t this underscore the value of editorial? In today’s shrinking news hole, agencies and
their clients are still providing over 60% of what appears in the media that is not advertising.
And, we all know, it is more believable than advertising.

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Comments Off on Super Bowl Reflections

Super Bowl Reflections

I am still bothered by the Super Bowl spots that incorporated so much violence. Wendy’s,
the Movie trailers, Pepsi max, Snickers…Then Chrysler’s “imported from Detroit” was so

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Comments Off on We are in this Together

We are in this Together

Did you ever hear of PurpleAmerica.us? It is an organization that grew out of Cleveland’s
own Project Love. What it does is bring all us Americans together. Democrats and
Republicans and even Independents and Libertarians–everyone. “We are in this together,”
said Ken Lanci, one of the founders of the organization. “We need to start living ‘for the
greater good of all and not for the rich. Corporate CEOs and athletes are making too much
in contrast to the $32,000 average annual salary of the average Joe or Josephine.’” Check
out their web site www.purpleamerica.us.

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Comments Off on NCAA Brackets

NCAA Brackets

The NCAA brackets are embracing our sports world. Who will wear the crown when the
Final Four becomes One? The Wall Street Journal caused me to do a double take. I never
even thought of #2 Seed Sand Diego State. Now what do I do? Enjoy the trip down the

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Comments Off on Prayers for Japan

Prayers for Japan

We are all sorry to hear about Japan. Our affiliate in Japan tells me how bad it is. Having
worked with utilities with nuclear power capability, I know how much we do every day to
keep our communities safe. Nuclear power is still the best clean air solution for our growing
electrical energy demand. Natural disasters and acts of God will always upend man’s best
laid plans. Don’t give up on nuclear power. Say a prayer for Japan.

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